Deadwood's Dora Dufran

Updated: Feb 23

Deadwood's Dora DuFran was one of the most colourful of the many fallen women in that den of iniquity called Deadwood. Now in the state of South Dakota, Deadwood was an anarchic township. It was subject to little law and civilisation that comes with good Government.

1876 was the year that golden haired warrior General Custer met his end at the Battle of Little Big Horn. Around this time that good Major and I travelled to the Black Hills and Deadwood. We visited to review an investment in what was then the beginning of the Black Hills Gold Rush.

Dora, who originated from Liverpool was good- looking. She became involved in ‘the oldest profession’ at a tender age. By the time we met she had promoted herself to Madam. She ran ‘Diddlin’ Dora’s’, which was one of two such establishments in Deadwood and by far the most successful. Being a lady of ill- repute, you might ask why I was ever able to receive her, being myself a paragon of chastity? The answer is simple.

We happened both to be connoisseuses of exotic pussies. Many an evening idled away caressing one or sometimes two by the light of an open fire.

Dora was house proud and insisted on her premises being spotless. She looked to the care of her girls as one would look to ones own. Deadwood in those days was rife with vermin of many varieties. Dora's mission was to use her pussies to help her tame this rodent rebellion.

Thus the term ‘cathouse’.

Your devoted friend,

Ethelfreda Jelleyman.

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