Hamam- The Original Ladies Spa Day

Updated: Feb 23

Puxton Manor, 3rd October 1894.

My Dearest,

In the summer of 1868 he good Major and I found ourselves posted to Fez. Natural curiosity dictated that I seek out an authentic Hamam- the original ladies spa day. Somewhat similar to what I understand people pay a lot of money for these days.

Imagine my astonishment when I found myself in the same room with other women of all ages, shapes and sizes; all naked and not embarrassed at all while I timidly sat attempting to cover my modesty.

The Large Berber Lady

A large, elderly, woman with a very generous bosom approached me. She was speaking in a Berber dialect and gesticulating most energetically. With the composure only an Englishwoman can muster I simply sat there on the wet floor. The big woman placed two big buckets of hot water in front of me. I was initially grateful hoping that she was going to remedy my embarrassing predicament.

In a movement uncannily swift for such a voluptuously proportioned individual, the first bucketful cascaded down my alabaster skin. Distracted, I felt a soft but powerful hand thrust my head downwards to rest upon her lap. Her unmentionable dimensions confronted me at close quarters; I felt like a French ladies’ maid. Then whilst not over the first, the shock of the second bucket came. She then started scrubbing my whole body with a strength not unlike that of my good Major.

Giggling uncontrollably

Skilled hands traced every part of my delicate frame. Brisk but nonetheless thorough, even visiting those areas reserved for the good Major’s most intimate attentions. She sang throughout, breaking off to make a comment which the other ladies present laughed and giggled at uncontrollably.

Now, if only I could remember where in the Medina that Hamam was. All I remember is a small door, in a corner of one of the countless alleys of historical Fez…

Your devoted friend,

Ethelfreda Jelleyman.

My Hamam scented candle, celebrating the original ladies spa day has notes of cotton, perfume and cashmere. Each candle is 100% soy wax and contain a minimum of 10% fragrance. All hand- poured at my workshop at Puxton Manor in Worcestershire. They are vegan and make an ideal gift idea. Each candle arrives beautifully packaged with the related story on fine aged paper.

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