Princess Louise and her cheeky Cheroots

Updated: Feb 23

My Dearest,

My good friend Princess Louise, born in 1848 to Queen Victoria and her late- lamented Prince Albert was the most mischievous Princess one was ever likely to hear of. She was quite unlike her parents and not known for being the perfect example of Royalty.

The old Queen attributed her personality to having been born during a revolution. Saying “she was born in the most tumultuous of times. Perhaps something of an odd consequence.” Louise was known a sculptress and a supporter of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Rumours abounded of her suspected affairs and even an illegitimate son. Of course, all was torrid rot except for one delightful sin: that of smoking a Cheroot.

An Apt Nomenclature

Cheroot comes from the ancient Hebrew word for liberty, and as such an apt nomenclature. A lady smoking was considered louche and was much frowned upon in those days. Her Majesty despised smoking and she loathed seeing her sons partake, let alone one of her daughters.

Whenever there was a Ball or a State Dinner one could always rely on Lou-Lou to provide some respite in a hidden corner of the Palace or Castle. Robert Lewis, her footman was a most faithful procurer of Cheroots. A fine young man whose Grandfather had founded a famous Tobacconist’s in Piccadilly in 1787. Lou-Lou and Robbie formed quite the team ensuring a select group of ladies could partake of a couple of puffs whenever state occasions dictated the most impeccable of manners and decorum.

Freedom and Rights

When Robbie’s father passed away he went into the family business and had evidently made his fortune. Many years later when we met in Cheltenham he was accompanied by his ward whom he had adopted. He had never married and his ward, a delightful girl named Louise went on to become famous as an accomplice of Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragette movement.

Your devoted friend,

Ethelfreda Jelleyman

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