Transparent scented candles containing seashells: Seascape.

Updated: Feb 2

Transparent scented candles containing seashells

Mrs Jelleymans started during lockdown 1 as part of a shop selling antiques, curios and other interesting objects. Imagine if you would, the shop from ‘Bagpuss’.

I still have the shop but the candle side of things took off extremely well, and what has prevailed the most from the early days was a great deal of experience in producing hand- poured candles in small batches to a fantastic quality. The stories that the original candles were sold with (and still are), proved to be a fantastic hit and really set me on my chosen path.

Never one to rest on my laurels, and very much within keeping of my style, I developed the ‘preserve’ range: jams, curds and honeys using the fruit from my called garden in rural Worcestershire.

Revitalising, Refreshing

Making the preserve range was quite the departure from me. I loved the new texture I was working with, and that you could see deep into the product. The natural progression from making these preserves was to produce transparent scented candles containing a little surprise within it.

Seascape- Evoking the fresh scent of the ocean. Revitalising, refreshing. Clean and invigorating. Transparent scented candles containing seashells.

Take Yourself Away

Take yourself away to the vast inspiring ocean: view the deep, wide blue expanse, feel the warm, soft sand under your toes; the perfect cloudless sky above you and the warm sun in the gentle breeze.

Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga and daydreaming.

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