The Resplendent little Fellow in the Secret Garden

Updated: Feb 23

Jelleymans Mill, September 9th. 1888

My Dearest, As a young girl growing up in rural Worcestershire it was my joy on a Saturday afternoon to read the lives of the saints sitting in the logia at the centre of our rose garden. It was here that I first became acquainted with Robin.

Robin, resplendent in his red waistcoat was the most perfectly mannered individual, not merely a bird.

The first time I attempted to introduce myself to him in low, soft, little sounds he returned the compliment by bowing low and chirping out his avian introduction. Thereafter he was ever by my side in the sweet scented logia at the heart of the rose garden; my own special secret.

My dear grandmother cultivated the Rose Garden many, many years ago and I have such fond memories of long beautiful summers helping her.

In my advanced years I still return to that seat and a little Robin always comes by; much nearer than our feathered friends usually do. It very much feels as though there is something familiar between us. When animals come uncharacteristically close to us one is tempted to interpret it as a visit from a lost loved one, or perhaps a little message of calm from beyond the ether.

Your devoted friend,

Ethelfreda Jelleyman,

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