Customer Care

We are a small company that was conceived during the first lockdown. We have all the time you need to answer your questions and we welcome you contacting us should you seek any information which you can't presently find on our website. 

Please feel free to call 07415 866206 during office hours Monday to Friday. You are also welcome o contact us via the chat facility or through our social media.

Privacy & Safety

This is a website that was built in the UK and is managed from the UK, using Wix; a very well established and secure service. Paypal is our preferred method of payment. It's safe, easy and trusted everywhere.

Wholesale Inquiries

We have already taken orders for custom candles in quantities of over 100 units. 

Perhaps you would like to delight your clients with bespoke candles with a unique, custom fragrance that represents your business? You'd be surprised what we could do for you!

We can also design the package and labelling to reflect your values or brand.

Get in touch with us and let's see.

We do not advertise images from the corporate side of our business as each client thus far has not wanted us to. They are usually small business like ourselves, but operate in the service sector. We're cool with that.

Drop us a line and we're sure we can work something out.

We an also do a 'story' to go with the candles. You get full copy approval.

Payment Methods

We only use Paypal. Credit and debit cards can be used if you buy from our Etsy site.

You can visit our Etsy shop here.